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The most successful community approval and election campaigns are those that are able to stay focused and direct resources to the areas where they will have the greatest impact.

The CSC team has served as consultants to a number of political candidates, non profit organizations and project developers.  We can help you establish your campaign theme, organize field staff and volunteers, coordinate voter turnout and develop fundraising plans and activities.  Past clients have included candidates in Congressional, State Senate, State Representative and Mayoral Campaigns, initiative petition groups, labor organizations and developers.

Creative Strategies and Communications (CSC) is a Plymouth, MA based public strategies firm. CSC specializes in creating and implementing a full range of grassroots and grasstops services designed to meet the needs of corporations, political candidates, project developers, government agencies, labor organizations and nonprofit clients.


Our grasstops services emphasize quality over quantity, and focus on organizing groups of influential people who share a common cause. We work with our clients to help them identify individuals or small groups of constituents whose voices and influence may be particularly critical to engage. Grasstops campaigns take a step back from mass mobilization operations in order to narrowly focus outreach efforts in a manner that will engage the most influential stakeholders for a particular effort. Our services include:

  • Identifying individual constituencies:      - with a connection to the issue;
         - with a personal/professional connection; or
         - that are likely allies and voices.
  • Engaging Identified Constituencies:
         - Sign-on letters
         - Letterhead letters
         - Calls to decision makers
         - Petitions
         - Meetings with decision makers
         - News conference participation
         - Individual actions such as letters to the editor, guest opinion, or organizing other groups

    Grassroots Services

    CSC provides clients with hands-on support on all of the logistical and organizational aspects of executing a grassroots campaign.

  • Paid and Volunteer Canvassing:
         - Our canvassing experts will help you design and execute door-to-door programs that deliver specific messages to targeted constituencies.
  • Field Organizing and Direct Voter Contact:
         - Whether your goal is direct voter contact, brand communications, community organizing, or issue advocacy, we will help you refine your targeting strategies to reflect realities on the ground.
  • Constituency Recruitment and Engagement:
         - Our team will help you build your contact lists and will design and help you systematically roll out a suite of grassroots engagement activities that will maximize returns on your wider marketing, fundraising, and communications investments.
  • Telephone Surveys and Voter Identification Calls
         - CSC has a proven track record in developing targeted telephone voter identification, public opinion surveys, and Get-Out-The-Vote programs.